Al Fajr is the transport division of our parent company T. ABDUL WAHID & COMPANY.

With the expansion of business and competition, organising workforce and raw material had become key to the success of our business. In order to counter this challenge, Al Fajr was established. Al Fajr has the herculean task of organising men and material from all corners for a smoother and unhindered production.

From workforce to raw material everthing is moved on time... everytime.


Al Fajr moves approximately 2500 workers everyday from home to factory and back to home. It mobilizes people from as far as 50 km radius everyday.

Apart from moving people, Al Fajr moves raw materials needed to make over 2 million pairs of shoes and over 12 million sft of leather per annum from suppliers to factory and factory to various sea ports and air ports in India.